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Uskalla Yrittää -final in Helsinki 18.-19.4.2018

Nuori Yrittäjyys ry (Junior Achievement Finland) organizes the  Uskalla Yrittää final starring over 220 students and their 81 JA student companies. The final gathers the most entrepreneurial students in Finland to a two days event in Helsinki 18.-19.4.2018.

The students participating in the final have during this academic year ran their student companies that operate with real money. These companies have been formed as a part of their studies in the JA Company Program on the 9th grade of elementary school and on the upper secondary level, and in the JA Start Up Program on the higher education level.

The final is the national competition for these programs and the winners of the upper secondary level and on higher education level will represent Finland in the competition for the European championship in the summer 2018.

From the regional semifinals to the national final competition

The companies seen in the final competition have been chosen through regional semifinals to represent their region and school in the national final. The semifinals are organized all over Finland! See the semifinal schedule and get acquainted with the entrepreneurs from your region before the final!

The best companies in Finland are chosen by a jury of professionals from the business life. The jury will investigate the operation of the companies for two days.

The fair of the final in Kamppi shopping centre

The finalists take over Kamppi shopping center on Wednesday 18th April 2018. Welcome to get acquainted with the makers of the future of Finland and make some magnificent bargains at the same time!

At the trade fair in Kamppi the youngsters present their businesses and sell their products and services. We offer a chance to meet the best and most entrepreneurial youngsters of the regions and a front row view to the ideas and thought of the young.

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What kind of business ideas have succeeded in the Uskalla Yrittää final?

The best JA company of the elementary level 2016: kht Liefde NY

kht Liefde NY sells handmade and uniqe hobby-horses. It is also possible to get the horses customized when the buyer has a say on how the horse looks like. The horses are sown entirely by hand, the mane is attached one thread at a time and the eyes and nostrils are endurably fastened with hot-setting adhesive. Every horse is totally unique and made with love. The horses are also entirely safe for even small children.

The best JA company of the upper secondary level 2016: I’m Blue NY

I’m Blue NY produces a fresh and carbonated bilberry soda made of Finnish bilberries; the bilberry taste is refreshed with lime. The beautifully coloured beverage is sold in 0,33 liters’ glass bottles.

Our bubbly bilberry soda is one of a kind and there is no product alike on the market. The Finnish bilberry soda reminds of the wonderful times in the late summer and the sunshine of summers yet to come.

The best JA company of the elementary level 2015: Outside Movies NY

The business idea of the company is a drive-in movie theater. At the event can the customers watch a movie in their cars or microcars and the sound is directed through the radio. The event was organized in the parking lot of Seinäjoki areena and the picture was showed on a giant screen of the size of 14 square meters.

The best JA company of the upper secondary level 2015: Dimeno NY

Dimeno NY offers thorough services concerning operation in the security field: plans for rescue and safety, training for first aid and first hand extinguishing, security surveys, presentations of the security branch and cloakroom services.

The best JA company of the elementary level 2014: E.T. UF

The business idea of the company is to sell lanterns and kindlings made of recycled materials. The win was achieved with individual products in which an element of decoration was combined with recycling and practicality. The jury also appreciated a team with distinctive roles, a positive attitude, skills of performance and a potential to continue as a real company.

The best JA company of the upper secondary level 2014: Pönttöpäät NY

The business idea of the company is to sell self-made birdhouses. The jury was convinced with the manner the company created a functional company out of an idea and built a story around it to make the product more than just an object. The jury was also delighted that every member of the grout was a strong link in the team.

Nuori Yrittäjyys ry

Nuori Yrittäjyys ry (JA Finland) is a nonprofit association. We support entrepreneurial education where our goal is to get the young to recognize and utilize their own talent – learning by doing.

JA aims to fulfill its goals by providing programs supporting entrepreneurship and consumer education for 7- to 25-year-olds through schools, universities, and other educational institutions. The programs are carried out as a part of the schools’ own curricula.

JA receives most of its funds from foundations’ and companies’ support.

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