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The following material must be returned before the event:

  • The description of the company for the Uskalla Yrittää -website latest on 5.4.2020. 
  • A picture of the company for the social media competition latest on 5.4.2020.
  • Company pitch deck latest on5.4.2020.
  • The stage presentation document latest on  16.4.2020.

Company description

There will be a summary  of all the JA companies on the event’s website.

Every participating JA company must submit a short description of what the company does and what makes it interesting. The purpose is not to write the business plan all over again for everyone to see, rather a brief description of the business idea.

Send the company’s logo in PNG, JPG or JPEG -form at the same time. Return the description and information with the form below.

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Company picture (team/entrepreneur)

One category in the final competition is the best presence in social media. In this competition the JA companies collect likes for their own picture. Nuori Yrittäjyys ry publishes a photo album on Facebook. The album introduces all the finalists and it is published on 8.4.2020 and it is possible to like until 22.4.2020 at 23:59.

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Pitch deck

Finaaliin osallistuvat NY-yritykset tuottavat pitch deckin omasta yrityksestä. Pitch deck on 10-20 dian Powerpoint -esitys yrityksestä, joka kokoaa yhteen tärkeimmät tiedot yrityksestä ja sen toiminnasta.

Tuotoksen avulla NY-yritys näyttää pystyvänsä tuottamaan kirjallisen dokumentin yrityksestään, jonka avulla he saavat lukijan kiinnostumaan yrityksestä ja sen toiminnasta. Pitch deckin voi tuottaa suomeksi, ruotsiksi tai englanniksi.

Kilpailun tuomaristo tutustuu tuotoksiin ennen finaalia.

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Stage presentation

Every JA company has a four minute long business presentation in the final. If the presentation is supported with PowerPoint or a similar presentation (Prezi, PDF, Sway) must the presentation be sent to the event team. The fonts used in the PowerPoint presentations should be the regular fonts on Windows so the presentations function properly on the computers used in the final.

The presentation sums up the most important experiences and achievements from the JA year. The presentation should include up- and downhills – what have you learned from mistakes made and what have you achieved. Remember to tell about your learning experiences of the year. A presentation of the company is not a presentation of the product.

The structure of a presentation can be for example the following:

  • Opening and introduction
  • Description of the business idea: its strengths and competitive advantages — what, why, for who, how
    • What value do you bring to your customer? Which customer problem does the product / service solve?
    • What is your unique selling point?
    • What is your business model? Who is your customer? How are you reaching the customers? How is the product / service priced? Who are the company’s main competitors?
    • What kind of expertise does the company have?
  • Description of the JA Company Program experience
    • Ups and downs
    • What have you learned during the year, what thoughts has the year awakened?
    • How has your business developed during the year?
  • Finances of your JA company
  • Future of your JA company
  • Call to action and ending


  • A 4 minute long presentation of the company which is a clear ensemble of the company and its possibilities.
  • The participants can use in their presentation supporting material such as PowerPoint, Prezi tai PDF -presentations or other visual support but forms of non-live presentations is prohibited to use.
  • Using of short videos is allowed but the time used on the video is included in the four minute presentation. It’s good to think thoroughly does the video help the presentation.
  • The language of the presentation:
    • Elementary level and secondary level JA companies can do the presentation in Finnish, Swedish or English.
    • Higher education level JA companies will do the presentation in English.

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