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How to participate

Elementary and secondary education
JA Companies in primary and secondary level can participate to the competition if they have been selected to finals in their regional semi-finals or selected based on the national competition.

Higher education
Final is open for all higher education JA Company program students. You can participate to finals but submitting your company information. Please read the information below and use the submission form to send in the relevant information. DL for submissios is 7th or April 2021.


Company description and Pitch Deck 7 April 2021

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Brief presentation text

Write a two-sentence presentation text of the activities of your company for the Uskalla Yrittää website and the virtual fair stand. The text briefly tells visitors and the jury what your company does.

Logo and company image

During registration, the JA company can also submit the company logo and one picture of the team, product or service. The logo and the company image will serve as visual elements at the company’s virtual fair stand. The images should be uploaded in JPG, JPEG or PNG format using the registration form.

Pitch Deck

The JA companies competing in the final make a Pitch Deck of their company. The Pitch Deck is a presentation of 10–12 slides summarizing the key information about the company and its operations. It shows that the JA company is capable of producing a written document of the company that makes the reader interested in the company and its operations. The Pitch Deck can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The competition jury will examine each Pitch Deck before the final event. Guidelines for writing a Pitch Deck can be found here.


The Pitch Deck should provide all the relevant information without having to have a representative of the company present to give more details. Excellent Pitch Decks are clear, tell a story, are visual and usually 10–14 slides long.

The Pitch Deck can include the following, for example:

  • Title slide
  • The problem and its current solutions
    • What customer needs does it satisfy? What problems does it solve?
    • What is new/different about the business idea compared to the competitors?
  • Solution and value proposition
    • What product/service does the company produce?
    • How does it benefit the customer?
  • Market
    • Who are the company’s customers? How many customers are there (potentially)? Where are they (physically/online)?
  • Business model
    • How is the product/service marketed to reach the right target group?
    • What are the most important sales channels of the product/service?
  • Team
    • Does the company possess the competence to put the idea into practice? What kind of competence?
    • What can the company do on its own and where does it need help from others?
  • Financial data
    • How much of the product/service needs to be sold to make the business profitable?
    • What is the margin of the product/service?
  • Competitor analysis
  • Future
  • Closing slide

The presentation should also emphasize the company’s values, the possible sustainability of the idea and circular economy.

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