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The following material must be returned before the event:

  • The company description for the Uskalla Yrittää -website latest on 26.4.2019
  • A picture of the company (team) for social media competition latest on 26.4.2019.
  • Company pitch deck latest on 26.4.2019.
  • A file used in the business presentation latest on 2.5.2019. 

You can proceed to returning the assignment either through the link above or the link in the description.

Company description

There will be a summary of all the JA companies in the Uskalla Yrittää final on the event’s website.

Every participating JA company must deliver a short description of what the company does and what makes it interesting for the summary not later than 26.4.2019. The purpose is not to write the business plan all over again for everyone to see, rather a brief description of the business idea.

Deliver the company’s logo in PNG, JPG or JPEG -form at the same time. Return the description and information with the form below.

> Go to the submissions page

Team picture

One category in the final competition is the best presence in social media. In this competition the JA companies collect likes for their own picture. Nuori Yrittäjyys ry publishes a photo album on Facebook. The album introduces all the finalists and it is published on 28.4.2019 and it is possible to like until 8.5.2019 at 23:59.

The companies have to deliver a group photo of the team for the competition not later than 26.4.2019.

> Go to the submissions page

Company pitch deck

Before the event, you need to create a Pitch Deck. See the judging criteria, demo template and real example below.

Demo and example can help you to create your own Pitch deck. Creating a Pitch deck is not a science, so there are no definite right or wrong answer, but rather set of norms that investors are usually looking for.

The companies have to deliver the pitch deck not later than 26.4.2019.

> Go to the submissions page

Business presentation

Every JA company has a four minute long business presentation in the final. If the presentation is supported with PowerPoint or a similar presentation (Prezi, Sway) must the presentation be sent to the event team not later than 2.5.2019. In this way we can make sure that the presentations open up and function on the computer properly. If there is any problems there is still time to fix them before the event.

The fonts used in the PowerPoint presentations should be the regular fonts on Windows so the presentations function properly on the computers used in the final.

The presentation must be either compatible with the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 -program or a PDF-file. If you want to use another format please contact the event team in time. The maximum size of the file is 20 MB. The files are returned primarily with the return form below.

Download guidelines and criteria (PDF)

> Go to the submissions page

NOTE! The presentations are held in English so the presentation must also be in English.

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