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Winners of the Uskalla Yrittää finals

Check out the winners of the Uskalla Yrittää finals from previous years. This page lists the best JA companies in Finland.


Company of the Year


DiscRelease, Jyväskylä Mankola school

DiscRelease NY is a NY company that sells and buys used frisbee golf discs. The products are sold in an online store where you can easily find a wide selection of discs for both beginners and experienced throwers. Buying used discs also supports sustainable development and the circular economy and of course also saves money.

Enterprise of the Year

Get Lost Adventures

Get Lost Adventure, HUMAK Helsinki

Get Lost Adventure JA operates in Helsinki and Ylläs and offers bikepacking workshops, Skin-based skiing adventures and outdoor climbing.


Company of the Year


Avot, Nummi primary school Hämeenlinna

Jalo makes unique bows from recycled and redundant material. The products are manufactured ecologically and socially responsibly by hand. The production of bows employs long-term unemployed seamstresses in the Ylöjärvi area.

Enterprise of the Year

A.I.M Tracking

A.I.M Tracking, Turku University and University of Applied Sciences

A.I.M Tracking is developing a service aimed at real-time tracking of location data for battery-powered tools. The solution improves work efficiency in the construction industry, and minimizes tool loss as well as theft. The application is basically free, simple and powerful for the customer. In addition, the customer can acquire tool-specific security in cooperation with a security company as an additional service, which makes the use of the security service possible for smaller companies as well.


Primary education


Avot, Nummi primary school Hämeenlinna

Avot offers service where we pack people’s purchases and help carry heavy bags to the car. The service is completely free for people. Avot signs an agreement with the customer company that pays compensation to

Secondary education

Belle Maison

Belle Maison, Oulu Vocational Education

Belle Maison manufactures interior products from concrete and wood. Some of the materials they use are surplus goods from construction sites. In their products, they pay special attention to the visual appearance and their functioning in everyday life.

Higher education


Cuitu, Turku University

The company wants to create a detour from the self-destructive textile industry to more conscious consuming. They offer customers high-end design products that are made from new sustainable material innovations.


Primary education


Böördigolf, Harjavallan keskustan koulu

Böördigolf comes from Satakunta, from Harjavalta School. The company’s business idea is to sell used golf balls via e-commerce. The company established during the JA Company Program has continued its activities and the company’s website can be found at

Secondary education

Bugman's Best

Bugman's Best, Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary School

Bugman’s Best was founded at the Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary School, and it is a company that grows house crickets and produces snack bars of them. In addition, the company gives presentations on insect food in various events. The JA company became a limited company after the program and won bronze at the European final in Serbia in the summer of 2018.

Higher education, University of Turku comes from Turku and the company helps the media to pick up the most important news by using artificial intelligence. The team participated in the European final of JA Start Up in the summer of 2018 and won the Accenture Award.


Primary education

Jeten's Paw

Jeten's Paw, HJ. Nortamon koulu

The HA company produced durable, well-made, practical, comfortable and exquisitely pleasing dogs’ straps, as well as survival bracelets and keychains for humans. In addition to the straps, the JA company also sold other dog supplies and toys that were made using old clothes.

Secondary education

Windy Birch

Windy Birch, Kainuu Vocational College

Windy Birch comes from Kajaani and is a company that manufactures domestic design products for interior design. Read more:

Higher education


Entis, Universities in Turku

Entis (ENTOMOPHAGY SOLUTIONS OY) is an insect pioneer company and offers its customers tasty and exciting products. At present, their product range includes cricket chocolate and cricket smoothie. The company also received seed funding of EUR 200,000 in August 2018. Read more:


Primary education

kht Liefde

kht Liefde, Oulun normaalikoulu

The JA company produced handmade, unique hobby horses and sold them online and at events. During the JA-year, the company sold over 50 hobby horses. Entrepreneur Lotta has continued with the hobby horses and the Instagram account can be found at

Secondary education

I'm Blue

I'm Blue, Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary School

I’m Blue is a company founded by four high-school students at Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary School and they make blueberry lemonade. The JA company became a limited liability company after the program and now their lemonade is available at different stores around Finland. Explore them and read more:

Higher education

The Great Escape

The Great Escape, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

The Great Escape is an escape room in Kajaani that was developed by students at Kajaani University of Applied Science’s NY Start Up course. The structure of the company has changed over the years, but the escape room is still in Kajaani. Read more:


Primary education

Outside Movies

Outside Movies, Seinäjoen yhteiskoulu

The company’s business idea was an outdoor movie theater. At the event, customers watched the movie in their cars or in their mopeds and the sound came through the radio. The JA company event was held at Seinäjoki Arena’s parking lot in April 2015 and visitors watched the movie on a 14-square-foot screen.

Secondary education

Dimeno Safety

Dimeno Safety, Sedu Vocational College

Dimeno Safety was founded by three energetic young women. Dimeno offers in-depth services within the security sector: rescue and safety plans, first aid and firefighting training, security surveys, safety industry presentations and nursing services.

Higher education


Activer, Turku universities

The Activer team developed a next-generation mobile application that helps athletes find a similar people for running, tennis and other sports arenas. Its purpose was also to facilitate the finding different sporting events.


Primary education

Earth Thinking

Earth Thinking, Högstadiet i Petalax

The company’s business idea was to sell lanterns made of recycled material. They won because of their personalized products where the interior design element combines with recycling and practicality. The jury also appreciated well-structured team, positive attitude, performance and potential to continue as a real company.

Secondary education


Pönttöpäät, Ressu Upper Secondary School

The company’s business idea was to sell self-made birdhouses. The jury was assured the way the company created and built a story around the products making it more than just a bird house. The jury was also delighted that every member of the team is a strong link in the team.

Higher education


Blokut, Turku universities

Blokut built and updated a Turku-based portal. Portal was active until 2016.

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